coolnovo (formerly ChromePlus)

The enhanced Google Chrome browser. Surf the web much easier.

Autor: | 19.01.2012 | Browsers

coolnovo CoolNovo adds the most convenient features on top of Chrome for a much easier web surfing experience.

CoolNovo has all the functionalities that Google Chrome has, such as Speed, Security, Chrome Web Store, Google Sync, and so on.

Besides, CoolNovo added some enhanced useful features such as Privacy protection, Mouse gesture, IE tab, Adblock, Super drag, Download tools support, bottom toolbar, etc.

Additionally, CoolNovo has many other features as below: Double click tab area to close page; Restore closed tabs button; Bookmarks bar auto-hide; Accelerator setting; Multi-tab thumbnail of Windows 7 taskbar; Customize the path of cache folder; Search box on toolbar and new tab; Hiding the close-button on tabs; Minimize to system tray area; Prompt on close button; Smooth scroll; Boss key; Process mode; Customize the proxy server; Additional menu items for download button; Portable package of CoolNovo; CoolNovo downloading manager and so on..

Here are some key features of "CoolNovo (formerly ChromePlus)":

Privacy protection:
  • When the browser closed, the selected browsing data would be cleared automatically(not selected by default). You can go to OptionsàPrivacy DataàPrivacy Plus to setup.
Mouse gestures:
  • You can make efficient commands with easy mouse gestures. Practiced mouse gestures can save you quite a lot of time and are fun.
IE tab:
  • Some web pages use IE controls and thus can only run in IE correctly. The IE tab is designed to visit these pages.
  • With the bulid-in Adblock, CoolNovo can prevent the display of ads. Especially, the Adblock of CoolNovo supports the rules of the world famous Adblock Plus' rule and thus make use of the existing blocking-list of Adblock Plus.
Super drag:
  • Dragging and dropping a block of text in the page will create a page and search the text with your default search engine. You can also drag the links and pictures to open them in the newtab page.
Download Tools Support:
  • For your convenience, CoolNovo supports some popular download tools in the context menu of web pages. There’re more than 10 kinds of downloading tool supported including NetAnts, Orbit, QQ Xuanfeng, IS, FlashGet3, FlashGetMini, NetX, WebThunder, Xunlei, and so on.
Bottom toolbar:
  • A new feature of CoolNovo, there're some common-used features on the Bottom toolbar, very convenient and useful.
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  • Verzija: (formerly ChromePlus)
  • Licenca: Freeware
  • Veličina: 37,50 MB
  • Jezik: Hrvatski
  • Downloads: 747
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
  • Autor: Website


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